Blemish Free


Acne Scar Reduction service uses Microdermabrasion to reduce the acne scars on your skin. A controlled flow of crystals is used to gently exfoliate the uppermost superficial dead layers of the skin, and stimulate cell and collagen production. This evens out your skin’s tone and texture, while diminishing the appearance of the scars.


The removal of the superficial layer of skin evens out skin texture while diminishing the appearance of the scars. It further works on the pigmentation blemishes and gives way to clearer, fresher skin.


The scars once diminished will stay that way making your skin appear better toned and even textured. The service can be used in synergy with chemical peels for better results and can also be undertaken as part of regular skin care regime. However, to enhance the results you need a regular home care regime.

Blemish Free

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