Age Control Solution For Men

Time and Skin make for a bad match. As the years roll by, late nights can be unforgiving, stress shows up with a neon sign, and friends start suggesting we take some time off. But Dr. Riinkle’s Clinic has zeroed in on the perfect ways to turn the clock back on lines, age spots and pigmentation. A chat with our dermatologist will guide you to the right choice for your skin.
A host of solutions are available to choose from, basis your skin’s specific anti aging need.

1. Dr. Riinkle’s Clinic Revitalize – to moisturise the deeper layers of the skin
2. Face Firming – to boost the skin’s natural abilities to produce collagen
3. Face Tightening – to boost the skin’s elasticity


With age, skin loses the battle against free radicals created by everyday elements like sunshine, exercise and eating habits. Dr. Riinkle’s Clinic’s offering pumps moisture and antioxidants into the skin’s deepest layers to reverse these years of damage, rejuvenating it completely.

Within 75 minutes, Dr. Riinkle’s Clinic’s Revitalize stimulates your facial muscles with the help of Micro current technology- pumping up cell metabolism, expelling blackheads and toxins and ultimately leaving the skin deeply cleansed. Added to this is our Antioxidant Boosters, with milk peel extracts. Rounded off with a rehydration mask to leave you with silky smooth skin.


Scientifically designed for optimum results, Dr. Riinkle’s Clinic’s Revitalize affects the skin at the cellular level, leaving it significantly toned, reducing puffiness around the eyes. Added to this is our milk peel extracts to reduce tanning and pigmentation and our rehydration mask for skin radiance. To reveal is a skin that is literally younger and refreshed at the cellular level.


Collagen is your skin’s best friend. It is single-handedly responsible for keeping the skin plump and supple. Our skin has natural collagen producing abilities which get worn down over time. Dr. Riinkle’s Clinic’s Skin Tightening solution aims to boost exactly this ability, so that the skin remains youthful at all times.
Dr. Riinkle’s Clinic has harnessed the latest in laser technology to stimulate the production of collagen in your skin. Post this session, our experts will design a customised skincare regime for you, which will be determined after a thorough understanding of your needs and expectations.


An immediate result is the formation of new collagen which, by softening and plumping up the skin, fills out lines and gives a smoother appearance to your face. If, at the recommendation of our experts, you choose to have a few more sessions of Dr. Riinkle’s Clinic Skin Tightening, your facial contours will become more firmly defined, topped with significantly better skin texture.

Age Control Solution For Men

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