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Acne can be both embarrassing and painful. For it isn’t just a ‘closely packed group of pimples’- it’s a complicated skin condition and comprehensive cure needs to look into factors beyond the basic oil + dirt combination clogging the pores. And above all, each acne type is different- which is why our we first analyzes your skin and recommends a customized cure


1.Doctor Consultation
2.Peel Test
3.The Service


Your acne may be the common variety that plagues teens, the result of incompatible face products, or compounded by inevitable skin-scratching. Whichever it is- our dermatologists will know. And the intensity of the acne will help determine the facial peels needed to treat it.


A simple test to determine the intensity level your skin needs from a peel. Through a pre-peel cleansing application, our skin expert analyzes how suitable your skin is for this peel treatment. If your skin accepts the peel- you’re ready to begin within 3 days. If you have any questions in these 3 days, feel free to have another chat with our doctor.


A comprehensive six step customized therapy, completely recommendation based, depending on the dermatologist’s recommendation is rendered to you. Your acne type decides the intensity and duration of the therapy that you would undergo.

1. Mild Acne :Mild acne is marked by a predominance of comedones or pore blockages and no scarring.
2. Moderate Acne :Skin that has a significant number of pus-filled eruptions in addition to pore blockages is termed ‘moderate’. The skin may or may not be scarred.
3. Severe Acne :When the acne develops to the point where the skin contains visible cysts or nodules, along with scarring, it is termed severe. This acne might be painful as well, depending on how severe it is.
In the severest cases of acne, treatment will be determined at the doctor’s discretion.


More often than not, acne is caused by bacterial infection within the body. To combat this, oral antibiotics are a must for internal healing. In severe cases, hormone therapy might also be needed, and our dermatologists will guide you accordingly.

Acne Free

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