Regular Skin Care


The 21st century is no time to leave the good looks to women. Looks affect everything from promotion prospects to good store service. As a man used to years of soap-and-water basics, you know your skin is craving some pampering – the penetrative cleansing of aqua sprays, the purification of tea tree oil and the nourishing stimulation of natural fruit masks.

But how do you choose the right skin service when everything offered to you at your salon seems to be the same as offered to women? Surely your skin is different!

Dip into our range of skincare rituals specially designed for the male skin. Whether it is a regular cleansing or that extra special something to make it glow, We will give you exactly what you need. After all, why should women have all the care?


Basic doesn’t have to be boring. Exfoliation-stimulation-rejuvenation is the regular fix needed for great skin, and Facial for Men, designed for regular skincare, delivers it with extra care.

First, the surface layer of dead cells is scrubbed out. The fresh skin that comes forth is stimulated and nourished through a massage. Finally, the skin is treated to a pamper mask. Whether it’s a vitalizing fruit or a deep-nourishing hydration mask or even an almond peel – We will help you choose depending upon your skin type.

In 45 minutes, your skin is smooth, bright and clear. Over time with regular home care your skin will be visibly firmer and thus, younger.


Does it worry you sometimes that you’re starting late on skincare, that whatever you do now is too little, too late? Worry not, for Facial Glow presents an opportunity to reverse years of neglect with rejuvenating crystals.

First, the skin is prepped with a quick scrub that removes dead cells and any grime that might have built up in the pores. After which comes the royal treatment – a shower of oxidising crystals that penetrate the skin, infusing its inner layers with life-giving oxygen. This in itself improves circulation and encourages the body’s natural collagen-producing abilities.

By the end of this session, your skin feels fresh and firm. By the end of 4 sessions, your pores are tight and your skin, firm and renewed.


Every now and then, your skin will need to go beyond the basics. At times like those, a deep skin cleansing is the best thing you can gift your skin.

The gentle stimulation of a soothing massage is only a prelude to the real deal: the cool spray of aqua jet that penetrates the skin and infuses much-needed nutrients into the underlying tissues. Whether your skin is in desperate need of a glow or anti-oxidants, strength or hydration, our skin specialists will help you understand its cravings. Round this off with one of our pamper masks – rejuvenating cocoa, purifying tea tree or insta-glow – and the results are there for all to see.

Immediately, your skin will feel fresh and new. Over a period of time, it will actually be fresh and new, for aqua jet stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen.

Regular Skin Care

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