As we age our skin starts drying, open pores start becoming visible, pigmentation increases and wrinkles start to appear. Let your skin keep up with the pace of your lifestyle and the ageing process without losing its luster and radiance.

Providing the skin with deep hydration, anti-oxidants to prevent and repair environmental damage and facial toning, Dr. Riinkle’s Clinic Revitalize helps in total rejuvenation of the skin.

Revitalize stimulates your facial muscles and expels toxins, blackheads and other harmful substances to deeply cleanse your skin. This unique service removes dead skin, using the latest available micro-current technology, to reveal a fresh layer of skin. It also provides you with a rehydrating mask, which gives you complexion that is moisturized, silky and smooth.

Just like a quick shopping trip, this service usually takes only an hour and fifteen minutes.


Revitalize renews your skin’s radiance and youth from within, leaving your skin fresh, invigorated and rejuvenated.

Revitalize is a holistic age control service which gives you the following results:

Facial Firming tones the skin and reduces puffiness around the eyes.
The Re-hydrating mask nourishes the skin making it look radiant.
Our anti-oxidant booster with lactic peel reduces superficial pigmentation and tanning.

Scientific massage increases blood circulation leaving your skin looking refreshed and youthful.


It is important to go in for maintenance sessions to enjoy the results for a longer time. This service is recommended once a month for the best results. However, our dermatologist will suggest the frequency of the maintenance sessions as per your individual requirement and skin type.


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