Pigmentation Reduction

The beard has always come in handy for hiding a blemish or two, but the practical man goes for long-term solutions, not three-day-long distractions. Dr. Riinkle’s Clinic’s Pigmentation Reduction is the solution for all your blemish concerns.


A man’s skin is as unique as the man himself. A careful examination of the skin by our in-house doctor will reveal whether your skin concerns are superficial, mixed or deep, which in turn will determine the combination of products best suited to your needs. Prepare to love what you see … at the end of this service, your skin tone is relaxed and even-toned, visibly happier


This is a must in order to determine the level of intensity your skin needs from a peel. The skin is prepared with a pre-peel cleanser, after which the chosen peel is applied on a limited area of your face. Our skin practitioner will look out for any visible signs of irritation (redness), while you note how comfortable the product feels on your skin. If your skin accepts the peel, you are ready for your first appointment, keeping a minimum gap of 3 days. If in these 3 days you have more questions, feel free to have another chat with the doctor.


Dr. Riinkle’s Clinic’s Pigmentation Reduction therapy has been designed for flexibility, given the wide range of blemishes skin is prone to. Once the skin is prepped, a combination of various peels (anti-ageing, deep-nourishing or Vit C, among others) will be used to bring about the desired result. To wind down, a sunscreen compatible with your skin type will be used in combination with either a Vitamin C formula or a pigment reducing gel. A minimum of 6 sessions with 15-day gaps is recommended.


Recommended for : men who want to flaunt smooth even-toned skin
Optimum Results : 6 sessions
Recommended Gap : 15 days for the treatment sessions and 1 month for the follow-ups

Pigmentation Reduction

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